life lately + big news

Big news! I am a vendor at the Urban Craft Uprising's summer show June 25-26 and Magnolia Summer Fest August 5-7. I am so honored and excited to be part of these amazing events. I have been busy preparing which has left me little time to sew for myself so I am keeping a list of all the patterns I want to make after the show is over. So far everything I have made for the event has turned out really cool. I hope people love the stuff I make as much as I do. I will post pictures of everything I am selling and my booth in June. I just got my new business cards in the mail and Elle has been carrying them around kissing our picture.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the stuff I will be selling.

I did find time to make another Papercut Patterns Bowline Sweater which I modified to have short rolled sleeves.

I am obsessed with this pattern.

After I made the grey one for Easter I knew I would be making more of these. This top, in my opinion, is the perfect white summer tee.  It is casual and comfortable but not boring. Win win win.