sewing & stitchery expo 2017

I dragged Elle & Kev to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo a few weeks ago & we had a blast. I had never been before & I was shocked by how huge it was. It was a sewing nerd's dream - haha. I bought two different knit fabrics to make Elle a few dresses and maybe a t-shirt for myself.

First up is this amazing galaxy print knit from the Pacific Fabrics booth. I love this store and their booth did not disappoint. This knit is thick, has great stretch & is such a fun print.

Today I had a very rare afternoon where I had nothing super important to do while Elle napped so I decided to sew her a t-shirt dress. I used the Sew Like My Mom Pistachio Tee as the top and kind of improvised on the gathered skirt using a dress she already had as a template. As soon as she woke up from her nap she immediately wanted to put it on. Yay!

I did a rolled sleeve because I love how it looks and I am still on the fence about whether to hem the bottom or not...for now the curling, raw hem is fine with me.

The sun came out for approximately 5 minutes today so we took full advantage and went outside to take some pictures. Sometimes she loves having her picture taken other days not so was my lucky day.

This is Elle's new go-to pose inspired by Ilana from Broad City.

This is Elle's new go-to pose inspired by Ilana from Broad City.